Monday, November 24, 2008


The British People's Interests In a Modern World

Since I have become leader, I've come to realise more than ever the importance of communication.

In the modern society of the 21st century with the unprecendented freedoms that we now all enjoy, it's right and proper that these new opportunities are accompanied by responsibility.

It's essential in a changing world that we in government adapt to the contemporary social, economic and security challenges and that we all work together in the fight against extremism.

That is why we must build a massive database of people's internet surfing habits so that we have the essential tools we need to pre-emptively stop crime and terrorism and extremism. We are also linking this up with other databases like the National Identity Register, the National DNA database, the NHS medical records database, the motorist journey database, and the local council's lifestyle database to provide a flexible and powerful system in the hands of government that the public can trust to deliver vital equality.

Soon we will have CCTV not in every street but in every home, and the freedom to be secure with implanted microchips for all.

But these new freedoms are not restricted to merely our day to day lives, in education we are embarking on radical plans to upgrade our schools with the mandatory tuition of homosexuality to 5 year olds, whilst celebrating Britishness.

It's right and proper that we in government stay in touch in with the wishes of the UK electorate and understand their needs in a changing world.

Gordon Brown

Right Honorable Gordon Brown MP

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