Sunday, June 18, 2006


Reconnecting with the electorate: celebrating diversity in the capital

It's only 5 weeks since the electorate sent us a clear message in the local elections that we must renew and rebuild the Labour party and reinvigorate our mandate. Recently, London mayor Ken Livingstone said that any leadership election contest would be virtually meaningless and that there is a broad consensus for my smooth and orderly transition.

In the modern society of the 21st century as we tackle the challenges ahead, it's right and proper we celebrate the diversity of the capital, that's why, as Ken has endorsed me as leader without opposition, I am now endorsing Ken's plans for commemorating diversity with the announcement of new London buses emblazoned with gigantic icons of minorities, the first of which to be proposed is the 'lesbian bus'.

With Ken, I am also endorsing two new major public arts projects which will pour hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayer's money into a two new statues; one of Chairman Mao in Hyde Park to acknowledge the tough choices Mao Zedong made in public and fiscal reforms and his influence on British socialism and another of a 700 foot tall lesbian, cast in solid bronze and situated in Trafalgar square, illuminated at night and visible all across London to remind us of the privileges of living in a modern society.

The mayor and I also discussed proposals for issuing credits to be tied into the Oyster Card and ID database system whereby fare reductions will be made on the basis of diversity. For instance, a registered gay or lesbian on the government's ID database and Oyster card scheme will have 10% reduction in all journeys across the capital, if that person is from an ethnic minority too they will receive a further 10% discount and so on. This is right and proper in a civilised society.

Since the May local elections it is vital that Labour connects with the electorate once more. With these new initiatives for London, along with my 15 year plan of national reforms, I plan to send a clear signal to the electorate about what Labour stands for.

Gordon Brown

Right Honorable Gordon Brown MP

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