Sunday, June 18, 2006


Reconnecting with the electorate: celebrating diversity in the capital

It's only 5 weeks since the electorate sent us a clear message in the local elections that we must renew and rebuild the Labour party and reinvigorate our mandate. Recently, London mayor Ken Livingstone said that any leadership election contest would be virtually meaningless and that there is a broad consensus for my smooth and orderly transition.

In the modern society of the 21st century as we tackle the challenges ahead, it's right and proper we celebrate the diversity of the capital, that's why, as Ken has endorsed me as leader without opposition, I am now endorsing Ken's plans for commemorating diversity with the announcement of new London buses emblazoned with gigantic icons of minorities, the first of which to be proposed is the 'lesbian bus'.

With Ken, I am also endorsing two new major public arts projects which will pour hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayer's money into a two new statues; one of Chairman Mao in Hyde Park to acknowledge the tough choices Mao Zedong made in public and fiscal reforms and his influence on British socialism and another of a 700 foot tall lesbian, cast in solid bronze and situated in Trafalgar square, illuminated at night and visible all across London to remind us of the privileges of living in a modern society.

The mayor and I also discussed proposals for issuing credits to be tied into the Oyster Card and ID database system whereby fare reductions will be made on the basis of diversity. For instance, a registered gay or lesbian on the government's ID database and Oyster card scheme will have 10% reduction in all journeys across the capital, if that person is from an ethnic minority too they will receive a further 10% discount and so on. This is right and proper in a civilised society.

Since the May local elections it is vital that Labour connects with the electorate once more. With these new initiatives for London, along with my 15 year plan of national reforms, I plan to send a clear signal to the electorate about what Labour stands for.

Gordon Brown

Right Honorable Gordon Brown MP

Boz Bey,
Raith Rovers. Ankaragücü. You should support yer home team. Us Kirkcaldy Boys may travel far, but never forget our home. You talk of diversity, but do you enjoy trying to experience different elelments of culture. I live in Turkey, and travel to the away games of Ankaragücü. You can read about it on my blog, at the bottom of the page. Or on the Ankara football blog. But how do you experience different cultures? Have you eaten Ram's testicles? If not, I can arrange this for you if you come to Ankara. That Erdoğan hasnae got the contacts that I do. And why don't you come to Michael Baxter's birthday at Styx on the 5th of August. Get pished and all that. Ma mate Chris can teach you how tae headbutt dwarves if you want. Bu web-site şaka gibi. Biliyorum. Ama taşak çok güzel Ankarada, Boz Bey. Efes bira bok gibi ama kokoreç çok iyi. Gel Boz Bey, gel.
We the public do not want you or trust you to be our prime minister i as a former labour party member am furious at the total mess you and blair have made of this once great country it is no longer a democracy but a dictatorship a corrupt dishonust regime that has forced against the will of the people full european rule you will be remembered and hated for this for generations,you have swamped this country with imigrants wich know one likes or wants and you have surpressed our free speech i allowing us to speak out against this policy acusing us of racism.You have destroyed enterprise and small business in this country with totally stupid red tape and taxation levels life in britain under you for hard working business people is hell mr brown we hate you and loathe you and in the name of decency hope your premiership is short.
I am sorry Mr. Brown.

Your apparent attitude to the towards us native Brit's in any part of the British Isle's stinks of racism.

The Oyster Card affair is a fine example.

You acclaim Britain is a society of equals - then deny The British People Equal rights with our foreign visitors.

Rights should be the same for all, regardles of race, colour, creed, sexuality, ability or disability.

The only additional discount (appart from pensioner, child or disabled) that can be added to the Oyster Card is a discount for ALL persons registered on the National Database, and then only to encourage such registration.

As for Traffalgar Square, that is a place of English and National pride, and to mark the great achievements of people and national organisations such as our armed forces.

Placeing a 700 foot tall lesbian, cast in solid bronze in to the Square will not fit into the ethos and purpose of the square.
It will constitute a vialation of national dignity and pride, possibly even High Treason.

That said place the same Item at Picadilly Circus or Covent Garden and the real values stand out from the crowd. Much greater benefit and meaning would be derived. Since both places are about the culture of our fine land. DO PLEASE THINK BEFORE YOU JUMP.

You have been the best Chancellor in my living memory (46 years) and have great potential as Prime Minister.

We need to start putting Britain right back on the map in all her Greatness.

Some of the Trashy National Bank Holidays should go, in favour of regional holidays of worth.

National Pride Day. (Automatic Entitlement)

Country Pride Day. (Automatic Entitlement)

County Pride Day (Each on different Days) (Work Place and Home days)

Town and Hundred's Pride Day.
(Work Place and Home days)

Then on Saturdays we can have national organisation parades and event in various areas.

St. John Ambulance, Scouting, Air Cadets, WI etc.

Bring back the Nationwide format of evening program (Family Suitable).

Bring down the cost of "On The Day" rail tourism. £48 Benfleet, Essex return to Birmingham is what you would expect to pay for London to Edinburgh Return.

No wonder people have to have cars to take there families out. The national system is way to expensive.

Can we please get rid of the Rail Congestion Charge for London and the big cities. It costs more for a return ticket to London, than for a return journey in the opposite direction (again forcing people into cars).

Close all chain stores, big business and the Debit/Credit Card Processing System on Sunday.
Require all business to be closed two days per week (this includes non essential government departments etc.)

One day may be used for maintainance (not their sabbath), the other day for total shutdown (Their - Sabbath). All multisite firms must close on Sunday.

This will allow families to get back together again, rather than being pushed appart by the unneeded pressures of work.

Public Transport should be fixed at a minimum of half hourly service on main routes from 6am to mid-night and hourly on all other lines and primary services (Village transport is Primary), again from 6am to mid-night.

Let us also bring back the right to sleep and prohibit deliveries to shops and "buisness's in domestic area's" between and (Newspapers and Dairy) being allowed from 4am).

For instance our local corner shop closes at 10.30pm and opens at They are forced to take deliveries through the night, because delivery firms insist.

The result is that it is rare to see a gap of half a hour with-out more deliveries.

Some regulation does need to return.

Regards to all.

Neville A Daniels
General Election NOW!
Mr Brown

I am a 60 year married lady, My husband and I have worked hard in our own retail business for over 45 years. The thought of living on a state pension is almost unberable. We purchased a number of properties over the last 10 years with cash received from small investments and have taken out a number of mortgages to pay for our properties. This was with the intent of giving us a living when we retired. I have taken no salary from this business which is very time consuming. We are now at the stage when we want to reap the benefits of nearly 10 years of investment & hard work. We are not making any money out of our business only the building societies are making money. We are seriously thinking of leaving the country as it is the only way that we can live on a lower income. We will have to sell our properties and invest the cash elsewhere to enable us to live a reasonably comfortabl life.

You say that there is not enough housing for people. Many new houses are being built bu how are young people expected to save for deposits let alone pay such high monthly charges. Manchester (where we live) is bad enough I can't imagine what it must be like in London.

I have just received yet another letter from one of my lenders telling me that my mortgage payments are increasing to £545 pcm the rent on that property is £550 - what am I supposed to do in this situation. You may say put increase the rent. This is not possible as the property would then stay empty for a length of time if it ever got rented. This is just one example all the lenders will be increasing their rates and my profits will be nill.

I don't see that people are stopping spending and I don't think that they will.

I look forward to your comments

Glenis Bertfield
Ah Gordon.......Tony here can you give me a quick call when you are free. I have left several messages with your PA but she does not seem to be passing them on????

I have some great ideas which I am sure you will love.....I know I should have done them before I handed over but you know with Cherie and the kids etc I never got round to it.

Any way give me a call - I am always free....
this blog is soo fake, since when did tony blair (he "left" a comment there) ever use a blog to contact "the" future prime minister?!?!?
so are you continuing this now you have achieved ya dream of beoming PM?? Come on... you can be that busy!
Surely Soho Square would be a more appropriate place for a 700ft lezzer.
This site is a Parody, Sadly the reality of those Traitorous Scumbags is far far worse than anyone could have imagined..
Follow these links.

The Lib Lab Con Smash Britain Project.
The curse of Political Correctness
5 Min read
do you still exist? you have not posted since 2006 and it is now 2008!
I am frankly dismayed by the amount of money that this government is willing to waste on such trivial things such as statues in Trafalgar Square.

How can we justify wasting funds in this way when there are 5 million people in the UK without functional reading, writing or the ability to add up. There are 5 million undiagnosed adults in the UK. You create one initiative after the other to get people off benefits and yet there is no evidence of you spending any money on training basic skills tutors in dyslexia awareness or specialist teaching techniques.

If I went to my local adult education centre for training I would end up being sent on an ESOL English course!

When will the government wake up? You only have to look at the figures of a company called CDG in Wimbledon, SW19. who deliver one of your 'In to work' programmes. They have evidence which shows that 100% of their white indigenous clients needing basic skills tuition are dyslexic. They have created their own dyslexia awareness training for their personnel but they do not have the funds to up skill basic skills tutors with specialist teaching techniques. These clients are sent on a merry go round. They sign up for two weeks tuition and fail, to continue to receive benefits they are then directed to a 13 week course and fail, they are then sent on a 26 week course and guess what? yes, they fail and it all starts again.

I deliver dyslexia awareness training and see the most shocking evidence of how government continues to fail dyslexic people.

Lord Adonis and Ed Balls are making a difference in the schoolplace it is high time that the same committment is made to dyslexic adults.
IRAQ (never forget)
Dear Mr. Brown

You feel our pain, you condemn Mugabe, you rue the deaths in Afghanistan you list the things you think the electorate are concerned about, yet you do nothing but mouth even more platitudes!

A real step forward would be to recognise we are a small island of the coast of a much larger land mass. We should no longer seek to influence world events as though we are still possessed of an empire and great wealth.

Our influence should now be expressed by intellect and honesty (now there is a word that may cause a you problem) rather than through the barrel of a gun. No longer should our superb armed forces be asked to die in order that you and the buffoon Bush can strut a world stage.

It is claimed you were best Chancellor of the Exchequer in several decades (not much to beat) how is it then, you had no inkling of the troubles we are now experiencing? Despite this you are able to forecast how long these troubles will last. Selective forecasting?

Please do something Mr. Brown that will restore a level of honesty, morality, action and realism to politics before our national energy is smothered by your ineptitude. If you are unable to do this please go away and do something else less injurious to the rest of us.
Tell the truth about the real population figures being in excess of 80 million.
Then try giving the correct stats for muslims living here.
Then in your transparent moments you gob off about, tell Brits About the EUMED and all it's implications.
You are a communist lenninist, wearing a mask!
We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to: 'Revamp the
Government imediately ahead of June European elections'

Please bring fresh new blood into your team from outside - so
new infusion of creative and positive ideas can be generated -
too much career minded political figures with little real fresh
input they are truly stale ! So appoint Vince Cable as the
Chancellor and your deputy! and ( just do it at whatever the
price- make him an offer he can not refuse ) The expenses'
media coverage by the Barclays and Murdoch interest groups , is
to sway the EU vote and encourage the Joe Public to vote
against the two parties ! This is a disgrace and New Labour
should not fall for this cheap, but could be very expensive
trick! So fight back to regain the media and the public with a
radical change ! bring in some top corporates re the econonomy
! and truly get Active! Aware you have been in governemnt too
long 12 plus years, and guilty of many mistakes ! but unless
you consider the Future generation sincerely, you will be
wasting a unique posiiton of power- as the Conservatives are
truly unelectable and , if they pulled it off by your
incompetence, it would be to the detriment of UK for many
generations to come !
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