Thursday, April 13, 2006


Britain & the challenges of the modern world

As we face the global challenges of the 21st century, it is important for Britain to rethink its assumptions about society as a whole.

As I travel around the country I feel a sense of pride that New Labour's acheivements are delivering real change, but I also know Britain can't be complacent in the modern world.

It's right and proper in a modern, civilised multicultural society that no one is left behind and all are on an equal footing. Equally, with the rising threat of China as a global economic power it is also right and proper that we realign ourselves to meet the challenges ahead.

Pending my smooth transition, I am laying out my 15 year plan for change which among other ideas, will include new legislation to ensure Britain's competitiveness in the 21st century.

It is essential that a competitive responsible United Kingdom rallies behind the beacon of government, and, building on the legacy of Tony Blair, government and business must further amalgamate to provide a flexible and prosperous system for all.

Within this review, unprecedented in a generation, we are considering propsoals for a new offence of 'The Glorification of the Middle Class' to ensure all are sufficiently given the opportunities they deserve in the 21st century.

It is vital that Britain reform to meet the global challenges ahead for a better world.

Gordon Brown

Right Honorable Gordon Brown MP

Gordon fuck off you cock sucking shit, everyone hates you and Labour have already lost the next election
Excellent satire, almost fooled me for a bit too. - CR
Sorry Mr Brown you must have stayed away from my area then, I have a disability which is serious. When the Labour phoned me to ask as a Labour member would I be voting Labour I said nope. They asked why not so I told them, after the phone call from Labour asking me to stop writing concerning returning to work for the disabled, I had asked where are the jobs, I was told to leave the party which I did.

I have been looking for work non stop for three years, I've been called a cripple by one employer, turned away from interviews because I could not get into the building called a handicapped piece of shit.

We have also struggled to get a dentist my grandson last month had fourteen teeth removed by the hospital after never seeing a dentist since birth he is now eight years old, what did Labour say your a lier lots of dentists available, then we are told yes it will take two years,

No thanks after 36 years supporting Labour I have had enough of Thatcherisn even Labour style.
Hey Gordon Brown you always look down with that frown, could it be that the gown makes you look like a clown ?
Frankly i think you are another blair,a liar and a dictator wanabee the sooner this country gets rid of you and your vile government the better,you dont fool us mr brown stuff your european dictatorship and take your imigrant friends to a far off land and dictate to them prat.
By the way is the rumour true you are bisexual?
Gordon are you a bighead or is it just the fact you love yourself you sign this eu treaty and frankly that makes you a traitor and you should be tried for treason,your lies will not deceive the public for long most of us can see right through you call an election and lets hope you loose big headed arogant pillock.
Never has this country been such a horrable place,turning into a lawless multiracial ghetto freedom is being eradicated slowly replaced by a comunist style dictatorship,daft idiotic rules for this rules for that high taxation high debt and impossible to suceed in business,middle britain hates you and everything you stand for the best thing you could do mr brown is crawl into a sewer and die you are a phoney and a fraud and a total liar this country will turn on you wait and see.
Some good election slogans

Gordon is a moron

Dont say brown say hopeless

Go now you disgusting idiot just call an election and P**s off.
My relatives fourght wars to stop marxist scum like you and for the freedom of the british nation and you traitorous bastard are about to sign us up to the corrupt european dictatorship all based on lies and coruption,words cannot describe what the average working british man thinks of you and your government frankly they hate you because your government is built on lies sleaze and total bollocks,we work our guts have terrable stress making ends meet because of you and your daft policies and now you are ruining the lives of families by bringing in all these foreigners taking our jobs and bringing all crime and problems,you may be an intelectual but common sense you have none,we dont like you,dont trust you and dont want you as prime minister,dictator or whatever you call yourself.
You were a bad chancillor taxing the country to an unbearable level,you were loyal to the most dishonourable dishonust prime minister the country has ever seen,your britain in europe full of incompatable imigrants is not the britain the people of this country want,you are eroding our democracy and freedom.You are a arogant madman destroying britain,you are loved by imigrants but hated by everyone else just do britain a favour and go make a mess somewhere else.
I find your comunist principles both disgusting and disgracful,perhapes it should have been made clear to the electorate that they were voting for a comunist dictatorship,you really are an evil parasite a corrupt piece of pondlife scum your so called ideals will destroy britain and make you rich while the rest of us live in poverty,my relations spent five years fighting a war to keep scum like you out rot in hell you vile bastard.
Do not believe this man brown,like blair he is a total liar and a freaud,you must be mad believing the shit he comes out with.
Affordable solar panels please and promotion of micro-generation energy. What's holding you up?
I was beginning to think the uk was full of morons until I read the bit about an eight year old having 14 teeth removed because he hadnt seen a docter since birth..

very funny..

almost had me fooled
I got a nice Lebron jersey from
your a fucking communist brown!!! you and that other sack of shit T-Bliar have destroyed our once proud country.Everyone apart from your immigrant friends oh and all them muslims up north who vote for your rotten anti english party fucking hate your scottish guts!!!!! GE now you cunt!!!
How can you put a CCTV camera in every house. It is absolutely barbaric. Just because you are the Prime Minister of Britain (more like dictator) you are ruining england. I would rather live in Alcatraz its ridiculous.

From the British public
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