Friday, May 07, 2010


Renewed Mandate for Change

While are disappointed by last night's results, we must all ensure we rally around the right choices for the future of the country.

With the global downturn, voting confidence, and the burgeoning social challenges of the modern age on the agenda it's right and proper that Liberal Democrats look to those with a proven track record of delivery on the economy, reform and social justice.

With Nick Clegg's support I can renew my mandate as Prime Minister and the mandate of the Labour Party to deliver on top of the extraordinary legacy of three unprecedented terms.

In the modern age, as we tackle the challenges ahead it's right that Liberal Democrats make the responsible choice and support my continued leadership.

Surely this reflects the settled will of the people and the electorate's message from last night's results.

Gordon Brown

Right Honorable Gordon Brown MP

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Sunday, August 16, 2009


Health Care Reform in a Changing World

The recent debate in the US about health care has reminded us all that in the Britain of the 21st century, as we enjoy the privileges of the modern age, it's right and proper we recognise and pay tribute to the NHS of which we are so proud.

That's why we are introducing new local council health 'tsars' with new responsibilities. This will allow nominated persons to be able to inspect patients' medical records held on the government's database and, under the direction of government NHS guidelines, advise patients appropriately about their health care needs.

New legislation will ensure that local councilors, librarians, postal workers and community support officers will be delegated with the responsibility of accessing medical records, and visiting people at their home to advise on their medical history to ensure they have vital access to the medicines they need.

But it doesn't end there, these new officers will also be able to access records to help advise on lifestyle choices, local matters and as well as being able to use the information as a crucial tool in the battle against crime and fraud.

This is right and proper in the modern world, and perhaps even some small beacon of inspiration to our allies in making these essential choices about public health care reform.

Gordon Brown

Right Honorable Gordon Brown MP

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Friday, July 03, 2009


The Challenges Ahead

We in government, recognise the real challenges we all face.

Take the issue of MP's expenses which I sure-footedly navigated the government through. It has caused consternation and dismay with the electorate that rather than working as hard as we possibly could to deliver social justice and a level playing field for all, we were sometimes wasting vital time with oak beams.

Precious time we as MPs should have spent on delivering ID cards and the ID database, more CCTV, new rubbish taxes, DNA retention, more terror laws and more sex education for five year olds.

But to the electorate I say we have listened and learned.

And we must go on, building on the legacy of three historic terms of New Labour to deliver incredible opportunity and equality unprecedented in a generation.

Through tough new laws designed to curb terror while bringing vital diversity to our schools and services we can make a future Britiain a full participant on the international stage.

Gordon Brown

Right Honorable Gordon Brown MP

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Monday, November 24, 2008


The British People's Interests In a Modern World

Since I have become leader, I've come to realise more than ever the importance of communication.

In the modern society of the 21st century with the unprecendented freedoms that we now all enjoy, it's right and proper that these new opportunities are accompanied by responsibility.

It's essential in a changing world that we in government adapt to the contemporary social, economic and security challenges and that we all work together in the fight against extremism.

That is why we must build a massive database of people's internet surfing habits so that we have the essential tools we need to pre-emptively stop crime and terrorism and extremism. We are also linking this up with other databases like the National Identity Register, the National DNA database, the NHS medical records database, the motorist journey database, and the local council's lifestyle database to provide a flexible and powerful system in the hands of government that the public can trust to deliver vital equality.

Soon we will have CCTV not in every street but in every home, and the freedom to be secure with implanted microchips for all.

But these new freedoms are not restricted to merely our day to day lives, in education we are embarking on radical plans to upgrade our schools with the mandatory tuition of homosexuality to 5 year olds, whilst celebrating Britishness.

It's right and proper that we in government stay in touch in with the wishes of the UK electorate and understand their needs in a changing world.

Gordon Brown

Right Honorable Gordon Brown MP

Sunday, June 18, 2006


Reconnecting with the electorate: celebrating diversity in the capital

It's only 5 weeks since the electorate sent us a clear message in the local elections that we must renew and rebuild the Labour party and reinvigorate our mandate. Recently, London mayor Ken Livingstone said that any leadership election contest would be virtually meaningless and that there is a broad consensus for my smooth and orderly transition.

In the modern society of the 21st century as we tackle the challenges ahead, it's right and proper we celebrate the diversity of the capital, that's why, as Ken has endorsed me as leader without opposition, I am now endorsing Ken's plans for commemorating diversity with the announcement of new London buses emblazoned with gigantic icons of minorities, the first of which to be proposed is the 'lesbian bus'.

With Ken, I am also endorsing two new major public arts projects which will pour hundreds of millions of pounds of taxpayer's money into a two new statues; one of Chairman Mao in Hyde Park to acknowledge the tough choices Mao Zedong made in public and fiscal reforms and his influence on British socialism and another of a 700 foot tall lesbian, cast in solid bronze and situated in Trafalgar square, illuminated at night and visible all across London to remind us of the privileges of living in a modern society.

The mayor and I also discussed proposals for issuing credits to be tied into the Oyster Card and ID database system whereby fare reductions will be made on the basis of diversity. For instance, a registered gay or lesbian on the government's ID database and Oyster card scheme will have 10% reduction in all journeys across the capital, if that person is from an ethnic minority too they will receive a further 10% discount and so on. This is right and proper in a civilised society.

Since the May local elections it is vital that Labour connects with the electorate once more. With these new initiatives for London, along with my 15 year plan of national reforms, I plan to send a clear signal to the electorate about what Labour stands for.

Gordon Brown

Right Honorable Gordon Brown MP

Thursday, April 13, 2006


Britain & the challenges of the modern world

As we face the global challenges of the 21st century, it is important for Britain to rethink its assumptions about society as a whole.

As I travel around the country I feel a sense of pride that New Labour's acheivements are delivering real change, but I also know Britain can't be complacent in the modern world.

It's right and proper in a modern, civilised multicultural society that no one is left behind and all are on an equal footing. Equally, with the rising threat of China as a global economic power it is also right and proper that we realign ourselves to meet the challenges ahead.

Pending my smooth transition, I am laying out my 15 year plan for change which among other ideas, will include new legislation to ensure Britain's competitiveness in the 21st century.

It is essential that a competitive responsible United Kingdom rallies behind the beacon of government, and, building on the legacy of Tony Blair, government and business must further amalgamate to provide a flexible and prosperous system for all.

Within this review, unprecedented in a generation, we are considering propsoals for a new offence of 'The Glorification of the Middle Class' to ensure all are sufficiently given the opportunities they deserve in the 21st century.

It is vital that Britain reform to meet the global challenges ahead for a better world.

Gordon Brown

Right Honorable Gordon Brown MP

Thursday, February 16, 2006


Historical revisionism in the modern age

"Ideas are more powerful than guns. We would not let our enemies have guns, why should we let them have ideas."

Often we are told to condemn the ills of the Soviet Union or the People's Republic of China, in particular the extraordinary careers of Joseph Stalin and Chairman Mao, but both made several important contributions to society that we as modern British citizens could learn many lessons from.

When I was a lad at Kirkcaldy High School I dreamed a dream of a more controlled, more orderly, more socially responsible society, and felt that one day this dream could be realised through the Fabian and Marxist ideals of New Labour's spiritual fathers.

Later, whilst at Edinburgh University studying for my doctorate, I became truly enamoured by the works of Joseph Stalin and wrote several essays and gave seminars on the progressive policies of Stalin as well as Mao Zedong and their important and lasting contributions to the world we live in. I still have a deep admiration for Uncle Jo today.

In the West, we tend to place far too much emphasis on the bad, and misunderstand the essential lessons of old, but whilst striving for the greater good we can learn much from such historical lights as Stalin, Mao and others who enriched their societies and delivered equality and the guiding hand of the state to their people in the modern age.

My dear friend and former adviser, Charlie Whelan, used to keep the collected writings of Stalin prominently on his bookshelf, and was a proud scholar of the third-way Uncle Jo doctrine which we often used to discuss, along with sharing tales of the glories of the past. The Guardian once likened my comprehensive spending review to Stalin which I took as a great honour and enormous privilege.

While we are no longer a manufacturing nation, and already run a predominantly service and government-driven economy with private partnerships, the huge jump in fuel prices will mean the inevitable restraining of consumption and along with the unstoppable pace of globalisation, Britain must adapt to the economic and social
challenges of the 21st century.

More so than ever before, the goal of a socially responsible economically-just society under a stable rule-based world order is vital, and we owe a responsibility to our veterans and war heroes to continue to find ways to expand government and the role of the state in line with these projections.

We in government believe that poverty, injustice and disadvantage are a blight on all of our lives. That is why we have been modernising our policies towards the concept of inequality, and through the biometric ID scheme we can level out the problems of society by the orderly disbandment of the middle class. Furthermore, the state must now be the new parents to our offspring and education remains vital in teaching our children to respect the beacon of government and our common shared values of responsibility.

By changing the way social and educational services are delivered across the country using biometric ID cards linked into the government information database, we can ensure an orderly and progressive system of new citizenship monitoring, guidance and compliance for the challenges of tommorow.

Tighter regulation of our media is vital if we are to cohere around our shared values for governance, and stronger laws over our TV, newspapers and internet are neccessary and proportionate so that extremists may not stand in the way of these essential betterments for all.

We as British, must not be afraid to embrace the kind of bold economic and public reforms inspired by Stalin and Chairman Mao as we now look towards China as the new social and economic model for the world to follow. Going forward, into the new millenium, we simply can't ignore the Chinese fiscal and labour market strategies that are delivering growth, stability and globalisation unprecidented in a generation.

Already we are making the kinds of reforms to the UK necessary to protect our investments in the future. These include an increased and consistent military presence abroad, increased spending on the military and it's Carlyle Group-owned research facilities, and I've just announced a new expansion in proud young army cadets which will form a modern framework for conscription, necessary in the 21st century to fight multiple theatre wars on different fronts wherever extremists may be. This, along with the remarkable contributions to a modern EU army to be made by our young British troops will ensure we can keep order globally and fight extremism effectively.
Additionally, we are building special rest and relocation camps for citizens in the event that extremist dissidents may try to attack us.

We are spending more on government as a whole and providing essential jobs to our economy such a diversity training officers, council tax inspectors and local government CCTV operators, vital roles in the modern age we live in. And this is just the beginnining as we try to eventually move away from the outdated concepts that have held Britain back in the past into ones of communal understanding and mutual respect as citizens.

Britain must be prepared and be equipped as long-term stability is secured only if we grasp the opportunities now.

For me, this is why I am looking forward to the privilege of completing the smooth transition and being given the opportunity to lead the United Kingdom into the 21st century, building on Tony Blair's legacy of third way Fabian incrementalist values to take the people of Britain into the next level of this new era for the decade to come.

Gordon Brown

Right Honorable Gordon Brown MP

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