Monday, November 24, 2008


The British People's Interests In a Modern World

Since I have become leader, I've come to realise more than ever the importance of communication.

In the modern society of the 21st century with the unprecendented freedoms that we now all enjoy, it's right and proper that these new opportunities are accompanied by responsibility.

It's essential in a changing world that we in government adapt to the contemporary social, economic and security challenges and that we all work together in the fight against extremism.

That is why we must build a massive database of people's internet surfing habits so that we have the essential tools we need to pre-emptively stop crime and terrorism and extremism. We are also linking this up with other databases like the National Identity Register, the National DNA database, the NHS medical records database, the motorist journey database, and the local council's lifestyle database to provide a flexible and powerful system in the hands of government that the public can trust to deliver vital equality.

Soon we will have CCTV not in every street but in every home, and the freedom to be secure with implanted microchips for all.

But these new freedoms are not restricted to merely our day to day lives, in education we are embarking on radical plans to upgrade our schools with the mandatory tuition of homosexuality to 5 year olds, whilst celebrating Britishness.

It's right and proper that we in government stay in touch in with the wishes of the UK electorate and understand their needs in a changing world.

Gordon Brown

Right Honorable Gordon Brown MP

I am a college student in China, majoring in Electronic Engineering. I am a die-hard supporter of the PM Grodon Brown as well as the Labour Party. I have been watching the videos from theuklabourparty and Downing Str. Channel on Youtube for a long time. And for many occasions,I use the video to dictate myself in order to practice English as well as to have a better understand of the Labour's policy. Well, I would like to get the transcripts of the videos from theuklabourparty Channel on Youtube for example this one:
So, if you could help me, I would appreciate it very much.
Absolute idiocy.
The people of the UK are fed up and miserable, overtaxed, low in Morale, put upon , bullied by government and petty officials alike .
Mr Brown, like most politicians, you are ONLY interested in keeping power. You also know that an election will result in the loss of you and your cabinets job.
You are dour, unfeeling, unable to admit mistakes, suffer dissent badly, in effect you are perhaps the WORST PM this country has had. I know you as I saw the way you spoke to farmers some years ago in Crieff regarding your stealth tax on fuel.

Change is needed-I know you will sneer at my comments and have them deleted-but thats you all over isnt it.
surely a hillarious joke blog much like HH's?

otherwise, you can take your chip and stuff it up your very secure arse!
'kin Brilliant, and entirely believable.


The Penguin
I see Brown is making a name for himself outside of the UK too!

Meanwhile, within the UK
This closes 15th January so, if you're less than impressed by Brown's handling of the economy....
Only 1 entry in 2008 and none in 2009.... Thanks for communicating with us!
I think I would rather put a shotgun in my mouth than listen to this cunt. Fuck off Brown
How can you posibly justify treating my house in England as an asset for the payment of council tax when I receive no benefits for that tax because I had to move to Spain upon the advice of the consultent at Barts to stay alive.And yet you are allowing the privalaged class in parliament to get away with milking the very pot that I am forced to pay into.
I have just seen the PM on breakfast television saying how terrible these MP expense claims are. Let me remind Mr. Brown that he has been an MP,Chancellor and now PM. never before has he mentioned his disgust for these expenses though HE HAS BEEN RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS MISUSE OF PUBLIC FUNDS FOR OVER 10 YEARS.

Please will someone from the Labour Party take note that Jersey has fiddled millions out of the UK. An article in the Jersey Evening Post by a retired civil servant has blown the whistle on how they were required to inflate the charges relating to the reprocial Health Agreement. Over the years the Civil SErvants and Jersey Corupt Government have been fiddling the NHS out of millions of pounds.

Google Jersey fiddles the UK read the article in the Jersey Evening Post of Thursday 28th May. Yet another sin by the corrupt cover-up Government of Jersey where freedom of rights, freedom of speech, unlawful arrests go on.


If anyone takes this on board please respond.
Gordon is a fail
He toils to no avail.
From every hill and dale
Ed Balls gives a wail. (he isn't the chancellor yet!)

And so, ridiculously pale,
Brown finds he's lost the mail. (on a train)
His country's in a state,
James Purnell is not his mate.

Alas, the cabinet are stale,
Expenses hidden like the holy grail
This may sound tough
But enough is enough!
Come on, see sense -
Let a general election commence!
Mr Brown youve taxed us all to death with your stealth taxes and everything else you could think of.
you sold over half our gold reserve at next to nothing prices,youve robbed the pensions funds,in fact is there anything you havent done?? Our once proud country is in a right old fucking state,and i hold you and that other prick T,Bliar responsible for this huge mess youve gotten us into,.Just do the decent thing and call an election and fuck off back to scotland before you really do end up turning us into a banana republic!!! Traitor!!!!!!
harry wang your taking the piss!!!
Gordon browns a bloody first class idiot!!!!! just goes to show how the rest of the world see our government with rose tinted glasses!! they should try living in HMP England before they start singing its praises!!!! thanks to clown brown and co its fucked!!!!!!
Your a fucking one eyed scottish idiot!!!!!!!!!!!! do us all a favour and die!!!!
This guy is absolutely useless. Just been looking at a good arguement against him over on squidoo. brown v cameron go join the debate.
Dear PM,
I have heard that you may be stepping down as PM. I would like to say that you have shown a great command of the global issues of the day in your time as a national leader. Your address last year, given in a non-party capacity, on the march towards a global society, showed a great understanding as to where humanity was heading and what was required for the future to create a fairer, more peaceful and united global society. You have a vision that takes in the future of Britain's people in the modern world, but looks beyond it to take in the emerging world society embracing the one human race. As a Baha'i this to me marks you out as being very special among present world leaders. I hope and pray you find new roles post-PM that can benefit the whole planet in the critical years to come. Your most important roles may yet be to come.
My thanks and very best wishes for your future.
Graham Nicholson
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