Friday, July 03, 2009


The Challenges Ahead

We in government, recognise the real challenges we all face.

Take the issue of MP's expenses which I sure-footedly navigated the government through. It has caused consternation and dismay with the electorate that rather than working as hard as we possibly could to deliver social justice and a level playing field for all, we were sometimes wasting vital time with oak beams.

Precious time we as MPs should have spent on delivering ID cards and the ID database, more CCTV, new rubbish taxes, DNA retention, more terror laws and more sex education for five year olds.

But to the electorate I say we have listened and learned.

And we must go on, building on the legacy of three historic terms of New Labour to deliver incredible opportunity and equality unprecedented in a generation.

Through tough new laws designed to curb terror while bringing vital diversity to our schools and services we can make a future Britiain a full participant on the international stage.

Gordon Brown

Right Honorable Gordon Brown MP

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Mr brown sorry for those comments i sent before,but for christs sake please,please listen to me when i say that you could win the next General election if you followed a few simple steps which are as follows--Close our borders,give us all a vote on europe which you promised,bring our boys home from that Afghan nightmare and do away with all this PC nonsense.Do these things ive just mentioned and your party will win the next election!!
Im just a working class englishman and i can tell you we're all really pissed off with the state our country is in.You have the power to change you want to go down in history as the worst PM we ever had or do you want to be remembered for pulling the country out of the toilet and making us all proud again..forget your european dream,they bloody hate us.This country doesnt need that EUSSR bullshit anymore than we need more bloody immigrants!! take my advice and for gods sake just do it!! youll be glad you did!!!! rgds,second class englishman,,
Well Mr Brown, your party is losing so many seats, I doubt you will win the next election.
I don't blame all the mess that our country is in on you alone. A lot is down to greedy MPs and corrupt councils who think they are not accountable to nobody, they forget its the peoples local communities of this country that vote these MPS and Councillors in and as you have found out can vote them out.
Living in one of your biggest constituencies, Durham, and having a local business within the care sector I and another 48 companies have been involved in a tendering process, in which 36 local well established companies may go out of business and hundreds of children, elderly, disabled and mental health clients are being told they have to change from the companies that they have had for years and made to transfer to another company (they have no choice) this is causing unnecessary distress and there is a great possibility of health and safety risks, to vulnerable people. This started last October, Durham county council have been taken to court once because of their flawed tendering procedures, and was made to re-run the interview stage again, and again it seems to be still flawed as there could be another legal challenge taken out against them this week.
I am disgusted that a council who is majority labour, will not support the local people within their community, where they are answerable to commissioners and not those who voted for them. and then to add insult to injury they award themselves a 20% pay raise and backdate it.
Mr Brown if you want to stay and have any chance of winning the next election then I strongly advise you to take an interest in what is going on within your consitituencies and how people are treated by labour representatives ie MPS and Councillors. It is the people who pay their wages and I very much doubt labour will hold on to any seats in the next election in County Durham.
Are you crazy?

I would rather stick a white hot poker up my buttocks than have you as prime minister. Honestly its like being ruled by Kim Il Sung. You are a communist loser and should consider resignation immediately. Education about innapropriate things for five year olds is like showing them an eighteen rated movie. It will ruin england.

The apocalypse is nearing, putin will invade us and we shall all be slaves because of you!!!!!!

Kind regards,

Angry citizen who is older and wiser than you!!!! Listen to me"!!!!!
Congratulations for being an absolute failure. We are all very proud of you and would like you to be prime minister again for years to come!

The above will happen if you bloody kill yourself mr brown!!!!
Respected Sir, really it is very tough to perform the PM post than comments on your duties and responsibilities but what the UK citizens are saying, is more political than reality. These days terrorism, environment, education, poverty, population and health are the main issues for every nation, whether developed or developing. So, U.K. can be voice for the nations, specially the Commonwealth nations, which are facing the problems related with the above key issues. U.K. should transfer the modern technologies to these nations to tackle with the above mentioned issues and to become international leader. I hope the future of U.K. is bright at international level. [ Prabhat Misra, District Savings Officer, Etawah, U.P., INDIA, blog: ]
Great job Mr Brown...
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