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Health Care Reform in a Changing World

The recent debate in the US about health care has reminded us all that in the Britain of the 21st century, as we enjoy the privileges of the modern age, it's right and proper we recognise and pay tribute to the NHS of which we are so proud.

That's why we are introducing new local council health 'tsars' with new responsibilities. This will allow nominated persons to be able to inspect patients' medical records held on the government's database and, under the direction of government NHS guidelines, advise patients appropriately about their health care needs.

New legislation will ensure that local councilors, librarians, postal workers and community support officers will be delegated with the responsibility of accessing medical records, and visiting people at their home to advise on their medical history to ensure they have vital access to the medicines they need.

But it doesn't end there, these new officers will also be able to access records to help advise on lifestyle choices, local matters and as well as being able to use the information as a crucial tool in the battle against crime and fraud.

This is right and proper in the modern world, and perhaps even some small beacon of inspiration to our allies in making these essential choices about public health care reform.

Gordon Brown

Right Honorable Gordon Brown MP

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Respected Sir, the new health care legislation is really unique coz there is delegation of responsibilities but it will be more effective if it will involve peoples participation, directly or through NGOs. [Prabhat Misra, ]
Mr Brown, take your infantile ideas and stick them where the sun doesn't shine.

My records are for the use of HEALTH CARE professionals, not some namby pamby idiot, who will try and teach me how to run my life.

It is unwanted, unwarranted and frankly a stupid idea.

Should any tzars search my records and I find out anout it, your feet will not touch sunshine!
I admire your honesty and commitment to your role as PM. You are not the usual career politician and you have true conviction - BUT - I believe you and the Labour party have left the country morally bankrupt. I am 49 years old and am proud of my Country, but not of what we have now become under the Labour party. Personal responsibility has been eroded and people think harder about whether to have a pet dog than they do about having children as society picks up the tab for the child but not for the dog. Shame on you for losing the nation's trust in your party.
Dear Prime Minister,
I, as I'm sure most people, believe in your convictions and commitment towards our nation. I also find your personal beliefs to be just. I do not subscribe to the views of most newspapers who, for reasons best known to themselves, hold a bilious view about you in person. This I feel, is a personal attack, and not warranted. This unfortunately stems from the now prevalent practice of the press to publish sensationalist stories and hold not a modicum of responsibility towards their actions.
However, most of your ministers have been proved both incompetent, and involved in questionable practices. The expenses row, in any other field, could easily be described as corruption. This is a serious breach of confidence and erodes the status of Labour as a people's party. I believe that whilst most people would be content to vote for you to lead the nation, most would not vote for the current bunch of incompetents who hold office in the name of Labour. I believe that, unfortunate as it is, this would cost your party the elections. The Labour party badly needed purging and a firm, disciplinary hand on the tiller. Most of the measures now are too little and too late. This is one of the main advantages Mr. Cameron has over you. He is 'perceived' to be more in control of his party. I also believe that the outgoing Mr. Blair handed you a poisoned chalice.
There are several fronts, one of which is also the penchant for some of your ministers to be disloyal in order to protect their skins with no regard for either propriety or scruples, where you currently find yourself losing ground. This has happened over a period of time, with complacency on the part of the Labour govt playing a major part.
I wish you the very best nonetheless Mr. Brown, as I believe you are a scruplous and principled individual who is prepared to lead by example.
Dear Prime Minister,
Allowing non-medical professionals access to healthcare records is a deep violation of a human's right to privacy and dignity. They have no business telling us how to live our lives. Who vets them? Who monitors them? We have well qualified and sincere, educated and knowledgeable individuals who do the same job, and these are people we trust. They are called GPs. Rather than squander money on setting up measures like these, ought we not o empower GPs and support them so that they can do their jobs unencumbered? Instead, the family doctor is a dying breed, harassed by councillors, shackled by regulations and what's really galling is that multinationals like Tesco, Virgin etc are allowed to take over practices. Companies who have a duty towards their shareholders, as opposed to GP-held practices who have a duty towards their patients?
Please take into account the views of the people you represent, people who voted for you and trusted you to lead and govern them. The breach of such trust is unforgiveable in every way. Why, oh why, would you choose to come up with ill-conceived measures which are clearly geared towards garnering votes instead of focusing on clear, simple ground measures which would instill confidence in the electorate. Rest assured, measures such as those you have proposed would achieve anything but. Forgive my bluntness, but I would rather be candid and put my point across. Much as you once were. A long time ago
It's a great pleasure for an african like me to see how far the responsiblibles for europe and america are leading their poeples. what africa needs is leaders that do the same, and I think you can make them do so. Thank you for this nice blog, and God bless England and Africa !
Charter 2010 is asking for some clear information from candidates and party leaders. We want them to tell the electors what they are up to, so we all know what they are thinking before we vote. The Labour and Conservative Parties should be saying now if they have plans to include others in the government if they don’t have a sustainable majority on their own. Generalisations about "having a lot in common" and vague suggestions about electoral reform are not enough. The minority parties should be making clear who they would and wouldn’t deal with and giving an idea of their policy priorities. Nick Clegg went some way towards this in his Times article of 4 January 2010. What do YOU think the party leaders and their candidates should be doing to plan for no one party being able to form a stable government in 2010?
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