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Renewed Mandate for Change

While are disappointed by last night's results, we must all ensure we rally around the right choices for the future of the country.

With the global downturn, voting confidence, and the burgeoning social challenges of the modern age on the agenda it's right and proper that Liberal Democrats look to those with a proven track record of delivery on the economy, reform and social justice.

With Nick Clegg's support I can renew my mandate as Prime Minister and the mandate of the Labour Party to deliver on top of the extraordinary legacy of three unprecedented terms.

In the modern age, as we tackle the challenges ahead it's right that Liberal Democrats make the responsible choice and support my continued leadership.

Surely this reflects the settled will of the people and the electorate's message from last night's results.

Gordon Brown

Right Honorable Gordon Brown MP

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I've just heard your noble offer to effectively fall on your sword for the Liberals and silence the restless Beast that is the Media --but rest assured Gordon--the People did not "Judge against YOU"----They may however, have felt much like myself ---annoyed by your collie-like allegiance to TONY BLIAR---and the illegal wars he sold our souls into---
The Tories--- as always have divided and tried to rule---but lets not forget---they FAILED!
Just for the record --i admire your tireless commitment to your job-your loyalty and your integrity---I wish you well throughout these difficult days ahead---and hope that when you do leave no.10 you remember you did your level best in a nest of nastly vipers!GodBless!
I don't care who is in office, I just want my country back. I am sure that you are not a wicked person, Gordon, so I cannot understand why you disenfranchised us despotically over the Lisbon Treaty, taking us for an even more expensive trip on a caviar train fit only for self-seekers. How enraging is it that we personally are over £200 a month down thanks directly to Civil Service cutbacks, undertaken by consultants without regard to what people were contributing, and yet you have found £13 billion pounds to help bale out Greece, a country that lied and cheated to join the EU? I am 63 and a miner's daughter, and I remember the euphoria of Labour victories, and the celebration when Hugh Gaitskell visited our village in Nottinghamshire. There is no Labour Party now, just an organisation that has helped strip the family estate and has given everything to a passing band of rogues and robbers.
Dear Mr. Brown,
I'm a Brazilian citizen, live in Sao Paulo , Brazil, and for that reason I couldn't be more far away from Britain's daily reality and politics. However, I might say that I'm familiar with politics and its (un)fairplay , as we have our share of bad politicians here. I cannot tell the future for sure, but I saw it coming, I suddenly realized you were going to be framed with that Mrs Duffy thing. I'm a BBC News viewer, and from that day on I followed up the whole thing. Today I was surprised to hear (though I confess it crossed my mind) that you had resigned, and watched to your resignation speech. All I can say is congratulations for quitting your post in a so honorable manner. Be sure that your words have sounded like thunder to your detractors - I'm sure everyone has got the message. It's only a pity that your supporters, your voters, will become hostage of what lies ahead. I sense a bit of thoughtlessness and irresponsibility in this new breed which now takes over. Well, now that's all said and done, let me only hope for the best for you and your country. God bless you and your family, which I perceived to be a stronghold in these moments of truth. You have lovely children, by the way.
A simple message from a simple soul......

Sorry to see you leaving No. 10 Mr Brown, I wish you and your family all the best in your new future.
I am very sad and emotional about your departure and would like you to know that i am not the only one around here who is. You did not win the election but neither did Cameron. You can hold your head up high that it was in fact a hung parliament and ok no one wanted labour but they did not want the Tories either. I love this country with all my heart and know that Labour is the best party for all the countries in the union. I worry about the future with the Tories in charge again - we all know how horrible it was in the eighties and nineties and i was only young. I will miss you and Sarah and the security that my family and friends felt knowing that you were in charge of our country and economy we all make silly mistakes sometimes but you were never given a real chance. You became Prime Minister when the shit really hit the fan and you got blamed for everything even the Ash Cloud. Oh let the Tories/Lib Dems have a chance i give them eighteen months. David Cameron sold his soul to Nick Clegg a man who came well third in the election it makes me so angry.
Good luck and God Bless i hope i see you around Scotland sometime x
P.S.------Mrs Duffy WAS actually a little Englander mini bigot by the way---- Just a shame the SKY spy device was rigged to set you up --- Whatever else they say about you Gordy, I honestly doubt if any other member of parliament in the history of this country was ever as passionate about his duty--- as yourself!
Well---they say we get the government we deserve---but im afraid the Truth is; we've all been crudely manipulated and exploited by the Murdoch/Neo Con coalition for way too long ! VIVA LA REVOLUTION!!!!
simple message from the other side of the channel... thanks for your work at the service of the British nation. I've always backed you as a genuine man with great professional skills, as opposed to all those "bling bling" (as we say here) politicians. I'm sure that history will do you justice. Now enjoy your new life, and be assured that many people will soon regret you.
God bless you Gordon and all your family. I wish you well. Your dedication is second to none.
Please stay in politics your country does need you.
Dear Gordon,

I think you have been unfairly and rudely judged. I feel sorry for this. I am a consultant Paediatrician in one of the DGHs in England, and I have seen thanks to my my work with the public how people's lives have dramatically changed to the better through your dedicated work over the last thirteen years. Those who judge you unkindly, focusing on superficial matters, do not know that your presence in power has only been a blessing to millions of people not only in this country but throughout the world. Thank you for all your help. May God bless you and your beautiful family.
Thank you for your servitude and doing your best.
I am astounded at some of the comments on this site. The whole of the Nulabour shower spent 13 years ruining our country. Do not ever forget how Brown brought back the hugely discredited and evil Mandelson - unelected and showered with gifts of honour, titles and departments. Unbelievable. Good riddance to the whole lot of you, and may you never darken our country again. I agree wholeheartedly with Carol Weaver. It seems as if you spent 13 years deliberately taking apart our country.
It's great that we the British people finally had a say in getting rid of you. It is shame that an election was not called sooner, much sooner.
It's great that we the British people finally had a say in getting rid of you. It is shame that an election was not called sooner, much sooner.
A huge fuck up - the whole lot of you.
This is a really good read for me, Must admit that you are one of the best bloggers I ever saw.Thanks for posting this informative article.

NOt sure if this blog is still running it seems a bit dated. I was once a fellow minister with your father and I now live not far from you. I found the things that have been said and are being said about you hard to read and listen to. Give it time Gordon I am sure the two happy buddies will do themsleves no favours.
Mr Brown when are you going to earn your keep? You are being paid as an MP so why are you not attending parlaiment?
We are now 14/09/10 enough sulking, come out fighting!
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